What is LIFE ??

                                    WHAT IS LIFE ??

               What is LIFE ??..I ask'd Someone, They said," It's from B to D, means it starts from
               BIRTH  to  DEATH. I ask'd -Then what between B to D???. ,They said," C stads for
              OUR Life is a matter of choices , So Live well & It never goes wrong.
Life has both sides,One is HAPPINESS & second is SADNESS and Also UP &
DOWN'S treatment.
Life is not meant to be EASY, It is meant to be LIVED. Sometime it's good or 
sometime its rough, But every up and down you learn lesson that make you STRONG.

IN  NOV 2017, I visited the "Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj"  Museum . When i entered from gate and go towards the ticket counter , i saw the frame and they written on it ....

LIFE is a Adventure = Dare It
          LIFE is a Love = Enjoy It
   LIFE is a Tragedy = Face It
    LIFE is a Struggle = Fight It
        LIFE is a Promise = Fulfill It .

When i was in 12th, My Father told me that- "When you give importance to other people they think that you are always free, But they don't understand that you make yourself free for them at any time.
Actually, The purpose of LIFE is to be Happy , Doesn't matter which situation is that, No matter what thrown at you.

So, Make your LIFE happy & Do whatever you want in your LIFE. 

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